Pereira d’Oliveira (Vinhos), Lda.

Pereira d'Oliveira is a Madeira Wine producer, independent, run by the descendents of the founding owners, owned by 3 brothers under the administration of Aníbal D`Oliveira and Luís D´Oliveira, who represent the fifth generation of knowledge and experience dedicated to the production, commercialisation and exportation of Madeira Wine.

In this company 5 producers/exporters of Madeiras are integrated, all being from families from the island, with the oldest being founded in 1820. In our warehouses you will find a considerable stock of old rare wines which are the result of valuable wine inheritance of the aforementioned companies, and which currently represent added value for Pereira D'Oliveira (Vinhos) Lda. All our products are commercialised with the name «D´Oliveiras» and the respective logo which has been duly registered.

Every year at harvest time, grapes are acquired from the various traditional and recommended castes from the wine growers located in different parts of the island, with the maturation, quality and alcohol level being controlled.

The headquarters and the department of tasting and sales, are in an emblematic, listed building built in 1619, situated in the centre of Funchal, specifically to the north of the Praça do Municipio at Rua dos Ferreiros 107.


Adress: Rua dos Ferreiros, 107 9000-082 Funchal
Phone: +351 291 220 784
Fax: +351 291 229 081