Câmara de Lobos Risotto with skipjack tuna and rock crab in escabeche sauce and oyster sauce 

5 YO Sercial or Dry Madeira Wine


For 10 people

Preparation time: 45 minutes

Cooking time: 35 minutes



60g of dry skipjack tuna from Câmara de Lobos

25 g of garlic

100 g of onion

2 dl of olive oil

300 g of rice (round-grain)

5 dl of unsalted fish broth

1 cl of oyster sauce

20 g of grated São Jorge (Azores) cheese

1 dl of Martini Bianco

100 g of butter

20 g of vegetable chips

100g of rock crab

20g of garlic

30g of onion

30g of mixed paprika

1 cl of red wine vinegar

1 cl of olive oil

Milled pepper to taste



Prepare the skipjack tuna, cut into fine cubes and desalt in cold water.

Sautée the garlic and the onion with olive oil in a saucepan without browning.

Add the rice, make it crack open (the Italians say that the rice “sings”). The rice is soaked in the olive oil.

Pour a bit of fish broth and leave to evaporate on a low light, always stirring the rice. Repeat the procedure several times for around 20 minutes.

Add the skipjack tuna to this crunchy rice (al dente), sprinkle with grated cheese and pour on a bit of Martini Bianco and a little oyster sauce.

Cook for 1 to 2 minutes and thicken with butter and the rest of the olive oil.

Leave the rock crab to soak, place in escabeche sauce (vinegar, olive oil, onion, garlic and paprika), and a pinch of milled pepper.

Serve accompanied by vegetable tempura, rock crab in escabeche sauce and oyster sauce.



Chef Yves Gautier

Hotel Quinta do Furão