Veal Filet Mignon

Glazed and roasted with foie-gras, baked pear, black truffle sauce and Autumnal filo pastry with wild mushrooms

Justino's Madeira Boal 10 Years 


180g Veal Fillet
60g Foie-gras
25g Rocha pear
200ml Red Wine
15g Shallots
15g Black Truffles
100ml Demi-glace
160g Wild Mushrooms

Marinate the veal fillet in soy sauce, curry oil and honey.
Cook the fillet on an open flame glazing with the marinade until it is cooked to your liking.
Prepare the Demi-glace sauce with the chopped black truffles; next make an Autumnal filo pastry parcel with the previously sautéed wild mushrooms and shallots

Chef Momo Abbane
Xôpana Restaurant