Forte Simbiose (Strong Symbiosis)

Vinhos Henriques & Henriques – Single Harvest 1998 - Meio Doce (semi-sweet)

100g Chicken livers
100g Fish roe from Swordfish
10cl Madeira wine
10cl Sugar Syrup (Mel de cana)
1 Slice of Santana bread
1 Slice of a golden delicious apple
1 Surinam Cherry
4 leaves of rocket
1 leaf of purple lettuce
6 leaves of watercress
Sea salt to taste
Spices to taste
2 Cloves of garlic
Aromatic herbs to taste
1 bay leaf

Marinate the livers in the Madeira wine and herbs for one hour.
After marinating, sauté the livers with aromatic olive oil and sea salt
Fry the eggs in olive oil on a low heat.
Lightly toast the bread and prepare a confit of the apple with the Surinam cherry in Madeira wine and spices.
Prepare a salad with the rocket, purple lettuce and watercress.
Place all the ingredients on the toasted bread.
Decorate creatively and with innovation.

Chef Renato Pinto
Restaurante do Forte